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The education industry has grown tremendously over the past twenty-five years as attendance levels from colleges to technical programs have skyrocketed.  The workforce often requires some type of formal or technical education.  This has placed the knowledge transfer and training burden on the educators. 

  • Technical Schools
  • Training Seminars
  • Universities

Technical Schools – Often seek assistance with offering university type services without the need to employ an entire university staff.

Training Seminars – Have become popular within the corporate and government environment to keep the workforce educated without the loss of resources, talent, or time.  These organizations often seek solutions that can support the training seminars with follow services and support.

Universities – With larger classes, ever growing piles of forms and mounting tasks.  Education administrators are seeking outsourcers and call center solutions to control the process.  Establishing the most effective outsource strategy requires both a deep understanding of the current system and a vision of how to integrate these services seamlessly back into the overall organization


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